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When it comes to choosing counter equipment, we at Proline know that there are several types of food display products available for catering operations, which is why we have put together some useful tips and advice on choosing the right equipment for you.

Firstly, it is important to make sure you buy the right type of display for the product being offered as some displays, depending on the product within it, can dry out or even freeze.

Before buying any equipment, caterers should consider three vital things – design, lifespan and value for money. Bearing these points in mind will ensure that the caterer is getting the most out of their purchase and will determine whether it is suitable for the operation.

At Proline, we supply a wide range of heated and chilled counter equipment that will suit any kind of catering operation.

From heated displays which are traditionally made using ceramic glass hot plates, to dry or wet well Bain Marie counters which have both bottom heat and quartz heat above for maximum efficiency, there are a range of different counter styles and displays available.

The method of induction cooking is also becoming more prominent in the UK foodservice market, which has seen chefs looking to showcase their cooking in a theatre-style environment. For those looking to implement a theatre element without actually using induction, contact cooled and frost-top displays are also great for visual impact.

Chilled displays are also a popular option and tend to be fan blown for the display of foods such as salad, pizza, sandwich toppings, cakes and other similar foods. For displaying pre-packed sandwiches, cakes and drinks, multitiered displays are ideal for doing this.

All of our displays are designed and manufactured to serve the same purpose and that is to showcase what is on offer whilst still maintaining the food’s temperature.

The more visually appealing the display the better, which is why we have found that UV bonded glass boxes are very popular amongst caterers as they give a full sight of the products on offer.
The use of lighting within the counter equipment can also be an advantage for this, as it helps to enhance product appearance.

Although every caterer has their essential products in the kitchen, this all depends on the diversity of the menu whether it is traditional food being offered or a modern twist on street food.

Whatever the menu style, it is important to make food and drink look appealing and attractive in the displays, whether this is using different finishes such as bright polished stainless steel, colour-coated steel or low ion glass.

So if you’re looking for good quality, attractive counter and food displays, Proline manufacture bespoke displays made to suit what the end user requires, and also offer 12 months parts and labour.

For more information on counter equipment and food displays, call one of the team today on 0151 548 1976.