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In a world where presentation is everything, how important are counters when it comes to upselling? 

Everyone’s done it, when you nip into a shop to buy one thing and end up with loads of other items. If you have done this, you’ve been the victim of an upsell. Upselling is a classic sales technique which uses visual cross-selling techniques to boost sales during the checkout process.

In this day and age, marketing is no longer subtle, to draw attention to the products you want to sell, you have to present them effectively. As a market leader in creating bespoke, beautiful counters, Proline has listed why counters are the key to upselling and the best ways to boost your products from using them. 

Can counters be used to upsell certain items? 

Impulse products presented at a checkout, on a counter, are used to good effect to upsell certain items, and the clever use of queue barriers also entice customers to purchase items they wouldn’t have necessarily thought about. Placing products, which often go overlooked, to the front of the counter, is the best way to unload forgotten items. 

In particular, grab and go food and drink items are often used as part of an upselling sales technique. As an on-the-go nation, customers want to purchase items efficiently. The ease of going to pick up a sandwich, drink, hot snack and paying with a swipe of a debit or credit card is becoming more popular. Appealing to the shopper, these accessible food items are often placed next to the checkout area to entice the customer for a ‘quick’ treat. 

How can products be made to look more enticing?

To boost your business’s profits, you need to be presenting your products practically; this is achieved through tempting displays.

Contemporary counters with enhanced lighting and clear identification on ticketing strips will benefit the customer and easily allow them to choose the right product, which ultimately benefits your business’s profits.

Finishes on displays can also be altered to improve the shopping experience, counters with bright polished stainless steel, colour coated steel and low ion glass are visually appealing and provide the ideal home for products you are looking to upsell. 

Using special lighting can also be an advantage as it helps enhance product appearance and make it more attractive to the customer.

But remember…

However good your presentation is, it’s also vital that the counter is performing effectively. When it comes to food and drinks, keeping them in optimum conditions is the top priority, so having the right temperature setting is crucial. With careful thought and planning, business owners can also improve and reduce queues, so, there are many advantages to having a counter or two. 

If you would like to find out more on how Proline can assist you with your upselling counter, get in touch with our team on 0151 548 1976 or drop us an email at