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We were recently asked to contribute to an article on counter display equipment for Ooh (Out Of Home). As experts in the field, it’s our job to understand the best solutions for every situation. The below is a look into the questions raised and our responses with regards to best practices, insight and experience from Proline estimating manager Paul Curran.

– What are the different types of counter display equipment available?

There are numerous varieties of counter display equipment available. Heated displays traditionally are ceramic glass hot plates, or there are dry or wet well Bain Marie, which both have bottom heat and quartz heat above.

The recent introduction of induction cooking into the market has seen chefs wanting to showcase their cooking in a theatre-style environment. Contact cooled and frost top displays are also used for visual impact and theatre.

Chilled displays tend to be fan blown for the display of salad, pizza, sandwich toppings, cakes and other items like this. Multitiered displays are for perfect for pre-packed sandwiches, cakes and drinks.

– What difference do they make to customers choosing their meals?
All displays are designed and manufactured to serve the same purpose and that is to showcase what is on offer. The more visually appealing the display the better, which is why we have found that UV bonded glass boxes are very popular as they give full sight of the products on offer. Special lighting can also be an advantage as it helps to enhance the product appearance.

– How can the food or drink offer be made more attractive?

Making a food and drink offer more attractive depends on the type of display and the product being displayed. The finishes to displays can be altered, such as bright polished stainless steel, colour coated steel and low ion glass.  

– What one tip would you offer someone who is buying counter display equipment?

 Make sure you buy the right type of display for the product being offered, some displays, dependent on the product will dry out or freeze.

We manufacture bespoke displays tailored to suit the end user, such as chilled and heated displays, meat hangings fridges and champagne display fridges. If you have any questions that you would like to ask us, please do get in touch! We are confident in what we do and pride ourselves on being industry leading experts.

Keep a look out in the industry press for the complete feature! Thanks for reading