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In the modern world, competition is fierce, so setting your physical store apart from others is important to make a lasting impression on your customers.

Here at Proline, we understand the importance of successfully conveying your niche/brand image through thoughtful designs and physical assets. Our understanding of this has been a key driver to our success over the course of 18 years. So, how do Proline counters help you convey your business niche/branding?

Functionality and Customer Experience:

Of course, the need for counters is usually due to functionality and the customer experience within a physical store. However, we at Proline go beyond the basics norms of functionality and customer experience and use our expertise to enhance these qualities.

We explore questions like, “How will our customer use the counter for visual marketing efforts?”, “Will our customers need extra space for point-of-sale marketing?” and “How will the counter have a lasting impact on the customers?”, just to name a few.

Whilst working in collaboration with others, we explore the full customer journey within your physical store and use creative artistic design methods which help set the ambience of your store, in order to make a big, lasting impression on your customers.

Exploring the answers to these questions in detail create unique projects every time, making for a truly bespoke counter that goes beyond traditional counters.

Artistic Design and Professionalism:

Proline counters help you convey your branding through a variety of artistic design elements.

With our state of the art facility in Liverpool, our professional designers take pride in paying attention to detail, asking a variety of questions to understand your business and what it stands for.

We can also include your brand logo within the counter to showcase your company name and brand colours. By creating a solid brand image you can deliver an instant recognition tool for your customers, as a brand identity also fuels a consistent and unified trademark.

We work with you to perfect these details in order to use your branding colours in conjunction with the right shapes, colours, materials, textures and patterns to reflect your overall image. The results are visually inspiring counters, that are unique to your overall brand image.

For counters that inspire your customers, contact us on 0151 548 1976 or email