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When designing a commercial kitchen or dining area, it can sometimes feel like the same styles and shapes are everywhere. It is an area of design which is ever-changing and it can be hard to remain on-trend as well as unique and at the forefront of the market. 

An inventive but remarkable way of modifying a foodservice business is through the counter worktops. 

At Proline, we like to stay one step ahead through observing trends, Paul Curran, Estimating Manager at Proline says: “We are led to believe there will be a return to old-style veined granites and marbles, which quartz companies such as Cosentino are working at imitating.”

Curran adds: “Worktop materials are ever-changing and we are using a lot of the new Corian industrial colours and Dekton material.”

Proline have been a consistent user of Corian over the years due to its practicality: it can be repaired in-situ and polished to look like new. As well as this, the range of colours are forever alternating to meet with the demand of Architects and design houses.

The Corian worktop material is also one of the easiest to maintain and prolong, ideal for a kitchen environment which needs to remain clean and spotless. Paul adds: “To be able to cut something, glue it and then polish the joint and not be able to see it is so beneficial when we are making long counter worktops, there are no joints meaning there are no Environmental Health Officer’s (EHO) issues for dirt traps.”

It’s important to listen to the experts when it comes to deciding which materials are both stylish and practical in a kitchen. Curran says: “We are often led by designers who have already picked the colours/materials for the schemes, it is our job to simply make the units look the best. 

We do often offer our opinion on whether the material will be practical for the operation due to years of expertise within Proline.”

The worktops also need to complement the counter display equipment, at Proline we predominantly manufacture heated and cold units such as Ceran glass hot plates, heated Bain Maries, heated delis and freestanding heated grab & go merchandisers and chilled wells, chilled delis and chilled multi-tiers/patisserie displays. 

Paul Curran said: “There are a few dual hot and cold units on the market that are proving quite popular and we have incorporated them into our counters.”

Not only do countertop displays affect the dining area’s appearance, but it also affects the food and drinks on offer – dependent on the type of display and the product being displayed. 

The finishes to displays can be altered, such as bright polished stainless steel, colour coated steel and low ion glass. 

Other elements need to tie into the visualisation of the kitchen and preparation area, good presentation of products is also key and the more visually appealing the display, the better; this can also be enhanced by the use of clever lighting and UV bonded glass boxes, as they give full sight of the products on offer.
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