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At Proline, we’re renowned for our bespoke, eye-catching counter designs – we pride ourselves in being able to offer our clients materials of the highest standard, using our manufacturing excellence and experience to guide our way to the right end result.

 But we wouldn’t be the leading company we are today, without the aid of the outstanding materials we use in our designs. Proline is fortunate enough to employ an array of premium counter materials and today, we wanted to place a spotlight on one of our favourites: Dekton.

 What is Dekton?

 Dekton is an ultra-compact surface, combining a unique composite of raw materials to offer the latest in glass, porcelain and quartz work surfaces. The surface adopts ‘Sinterized Particle Technology’, a process which duplicates an accelerated adaptation of the metamorphic change that stone endures when exposed to natural pressure and high temperatures over a great number of years: this makes for an organic style of worktop.

 Benefits of Dekton


 One of the most advantageous features of Dekton, is its ability to resist abrasion and high compressive strength – making it one of the most durable worktop materials on the market.

 While many other worktop materials start to show deterioration over time, Dekton’s finish is durable and never needs to be re-surfaced – even when exposed to the most strenuous of activity.


 Although we love using Dekton for our worktop surfaces on our front-of-house counters, we especially love using it for preparation worktops, due to its resistance to scratches.

 Its unsusceptibility to scuffs makes Dekton a preferred material for chefs too. That being said, while a knife scratch won’t scratch the surface, we’d always recommend using a cutting board in order to protect your utensils.


 Another reason why Dekton is a preferred choice for a preparation counter worktop is its ability to withstand heat. The Dekton surface can handle high temperatures without burning, searing or cracking: pans and pots can be placed directly on the surface without causing damage.

 Easy to clean

 Not only does Dekton age like a fine wine, but it is also an easy worktop to clean and maintain using any major cleaning product. Its non-porous and densely compact surface means it can also be used both indoors and outdoors.

 Range of colours available

 Dekton is a surface that can be placed in any environment, available in multiple textures and an array of colours which is why it’s a favoured choice for us.

 What’s more is Dekton’s unique manufacturing process means extra involvement can be had to control the pigmentation and decoration allowing for enhanced colour consistency, that won’t wear with age.

 Want to incorporate a Dekton surface within your project? Get in touch with Proline today on: 0151 548 1976