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When it comes to counters and food display equipment, there are numerous varieties available on the market.

Styles and functionalities of counter equipment can be chosen to suit the needs and requirements of any operation, but there are a number of key considerations business owners need to make before purchasing a bespoke counter. Fortunately, Proline is here to help – as we have listed the three most important considerations you need to make…

Budget available

Arguably the most important consideration on the list is the budget you have in mind and it’s one thing a reputable counter manufacturer will ask before the project commences. The design process will then be centred around that budget.

When designing a counter for our clients, we ensure that we tailor the counter to the venue’s needs and the customer’s budget, working with them to create a high-valued food display solution.


Prior to the purchase, venue owners need to examine how much space is available in order to determine the size of the counter.

And while you may have room to accommodate a large bespoke counter, you also need to think about the number of food products you will be displaying, so that it correlates with the size of the counter – as this could lead to food wastage as some food products will perish if left on display for too long.

By working with a counter manufacturer like Proline, we can work with you to determine the best-sized counter for your venue and your food display requirements.

If you’re worried your requirements are likely to change down the line, e.g. if a menu/cuisine change occurs, that’s fine also. At Proline, we can often modify and refurbish our counters easily as our heated and chilled displays are sized the same meaning there is less cause to touch the worktop when replacing displays. 


Are you looking for a grab & go display? How about a buffet-style counter? The dining experience you offer is key for choosing the style of your counter solutions.  

Once the type of food display counter is determined, then you can focus on the counters internal and external aesthetics, including the type of shelving and lighting being utilised within, plus the materials used and the colours featured on your bespoke counter solution.

We know that this can often be a lot to comprehend which is why we work with our clients to create a personalised showpiece that works for the client, the menu and the venue. 

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