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Now that 2020 is here, many outlets will be looking at ways to refurbish their front of house spaces in order to keep up with the latest design trends. One way venues can dramatically revamp their venues is through a counter change up.

There is a range of different styles to consider, but here at Proline, we have listed the colours, materials and finishes we think will make an impression at the start of these roaring twenties.


Last year, a wide range of the projects we undertook incorporated the materials Dekton and Corian, both of which were the approved choices of designers and architects alike. Proline can see this trend continuing into 2020, as a number of projects we are currently working on also feature these materials.

But what is it about these materials that are appealing to manufacturers, designers, architects and customers?


Dekton is a quality material that benefits from being highly durable, with a superior level of resistance making it the ideal surface for preventing cracks, scratches and stains. The material can also endure high levels of heat making it invulnerable to hot cookware that can be placed directly on the worktop, without impacting the material.

The material favours a hygienic environment and benefits from anti-bacterial technology, it also comes in three different textures and is available in over 70 colours.


The Corian brand is a universal favourite for countertop materials as the man-made surface replicates and mixes stone with natural minerals and acrylic and is available in a range of colours.

The material can be easily modelled and thermoformed to any shape to suit the style of any venue, making the bespoke design possibilities endless.


Plenty of venues are looking at ways to embrace nature into their decor, bringing the outside, inside through incorporating organic and neutral colours.

This will ultimately affect countertop finishes as Proline expect concrete, wood-effect and terrazzo style finishes to dominate the countertop trends for this year.

Concrete is a very new trend to emerge over the past few years, due to its ability to create a rustic ambience which creates a neutral backdrop for almost any design style. Also, its light earthy grey colour creates a soft, subtle palette.

The wood-effect finish is timeless and is a perfect style for a natural setting. Wood creates a feeling of comfort and warmth which is why it is an ideal fit for a restaurant or bar, where the public come to relax.

The Terrazzo finish is making a comeback this year due to its versatility and eye-catching design. The speckled pattern emphasises asymmetry to create an interesting visual effect. Expect to see this finish in all aspects of decor in 2020.

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