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In the fast-paced, grab and go foodservice industry, it can be hard thinking of ways to exhibit food in its best light. 

Now is the perfect time to be thinking about ways to enhance your business’s catering experience through your counter and servery options. 

There are many benefits of going bespoke with your counter systems and Proline have listed the advantages below. 

Freedom of movement 

More and more foodservice businesses are choosing to offer self-service counter options. Unlike a formal dining environment, having assorted food and drink serving facilities can be the difference between seeing customers return or seeing them go elsewhere.

Some of the UK’s most popular eateries, now offer a variety of waiting services and self-service options. When it comes to counters and food display equipment, there are numerous varieties available on the market. 

Proline offer a range of styles and functionalities of counter equipment to suit the needs and requirements of your operation, such as heated displays which are traditionally made using ceramic, glass hot plates and are perfect for hot food options. There are also dry or wet well Bain Marie counters, which have both bottom heat and quartz heat above for maximum efficiency.

A bespoke counter facility that looks stylish and operates efficiently has the opportunity to boost your trade.

Create a centrepiece

It can be a pricey affair redecorating your entire venue: a simple of way of alternating your business without breaking the bank is by adding or changing your food counter. 

Proline’s counters feature as a centrepiece in the dining area, a place where customers gather to eat and talk. A contemporary, practical piece of furniture where food and drink are showcased and can be designed to suit your establishment. 

The centrepieces can feature in-built lighting, display shelves, tiers, hot plates or refrigerated systems. Counters can also come with UV bonded glass boxes which are more appealing to customers as they give a far better view of products on offer. 

Reflect your branding 

Not only can your foodservice counter create a centrepiece within your business premises, but a counter can also be used to further exhibit your branding. 

Counter fascias can be branded in a variety of ways, such as having backlit logos as attached. Vinyl wrapping and with signwriting applied to it is also a way that counters and serveries can be customised to reflect a site’s design or branding.

At Proline, we work directly with you to help you create something that fits your branding and overall style.

If you would like to find out more on how Proline can assist you with your next project, get in touch with our team on 0151 548 1976 or drop us an email at